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The latest edition to Waterhouse Fayre’s range of preserves is a tangy pickle designed to make your taste buds tingle. The brand
new Mangelwurzel Pickle is a perfectly rounded, every-day pickle that won’t be sitting on your shelf for long.

Mangelwurzels are a rare variety of beet, first developed in the 18th Century as a fodder crop for feeding livestock. The bizarrely named vegetable has historically been used to brew potent beverages, but it also has its roots in sporting history. The pastime of ‘mangold hurling’ was a sport made popular in rural Somerset and was a tradition that required strength and cunning to throw – or pitch – the mangelwurzel beet as far as possible. This skill was no doubt hungry work and probably left participants in need of a satisfying meal and a hearty dollop of pickle. Fast forward to the 21st Century and Waterhouse Fayre is honouring the unusual mangelwurzel with a delicious West Country preserve baring its name.

The concept for Mangelwurzel Pickle was born out of customer feedback. Chutney lovers asked for a flavoursome pickle with a little crunch that could be enjoyed with a tasty ploughmans or slapped onto sandwiches for added zing. Waterhouse Fayre have created the perfect product with this swede-based pickle, the ingredients finely balanced and well matured to have a well-rounded flavour, satisfying the tang without the harshness; but you really have to give the pickle a ‘wurl’ to appreciate its flavour for yourself.