Strictly Fruit Apple & Cider Chutney Jar


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Product Description

The range is perfect for health-conscious consumers on the hunt for nutritional, ‘guilt-free’ food.

With over 70% fruit per 100g, the sweet preserves have the most delicious flavour and vibrant colour but consisting of less than 2g of sugar and no more than 15 calories per serving (20g). The Coulis have less than 1g of sugar and less than 10 calories per tablespoon. Chutneys come in slightly higher with less than 5g of sugar and 30 calories per serving, still significantly lower than conventional chutneys.

The Strictly Fruit range has been made with a sugar substitute called Zùsto, which gives it a significantly lower sugar count than conventional preserves and less than 10% polyols.

Derived from vegetable roots, Zùsto is a water-soluble fibre that sweetens and provides bulk with an identical taste to sugar. It contains 75% less calories than sugar, has a low glycaemic content and none of the aftertaste or laxative effects often found with sweeteners.

In addition the range is gluten free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

We are currently updating our website.  Please contact us by email for any allergen information.


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